Chloe Photo Posing shot week 6



Stepping on Stage - Amateur Bikini Competitor’s Journey
By Chloe Ashman


Week six is here. Time has passed so quickly but boy am I noticing the changes – both good and not so good! As I have said before, I will always strive to make my blog an honest and authentic account of my competition journey so here it is – goodbye boobs… Yep, you read right, the girls are shrinking at a rapid rate! Naturally it’s going to happen when you drop body fat unless you’re fortunate enough to be a genetically-gifted freak of nature or you have implants! I knew it would be a matter of time yet slowly but surely I’m watching them disappear – thank God for padded bikini cups and chicken fillets! Despite the upstairs shrinkage factor there are plenty of great things happening to my body too, and I’m finally starting to see the changes. It’s always easier to be critical of your own body and it always seems we are last to notice the changes within ourselves.

My abs are slowly coming through which I’m pumped about. I never imagined I would get that elusive washboard stomach I’ve always wanted because it seems to be my stubborn area for body fat. In the past few weeks I’ve also noticed my nails and hair growing rapidly and becoming stronger than ever. I wondered if anyone else in prep mode has experienced this so I approached my nutritionist Dayni to see if it was my imagination. Strangely enough it happens due to the extra protein in your body. Isn’t the human body such an amazing thing!

Physically, my training has been intense as always apart from another dreaded virus which knocked me out of action for two days. Despite this I dropped another 1.5 kilos this week which means my diet is being tweaked again and my cardio decreased. Lucky for me my body is responding really well to my diet and training regime so I’m leaning down pretty quickly. I constantly feel like my body is aching with muscle soreness but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love feeling like my muscles have been ripped to shreds in the weights room only to repair, rebuild and come back stronger following the recovery process. Call me crazy but it makes me feel like I have worked as hard as I possibly can – it’s a good kind of pain.

This week I’ve been practicing my posing at every chance I get. While I still feel like a baby giraffe trying to walk with its long legs, this baby giraffe is definitely getting there! Each moment I spend perfecting my posing I feel more confident and poised. I must say I’m finding that mental preparation plays a huge part in mastering the art of posing. Every time I adorn those clear stripper heels I mentally prepare myself for the moment I’ll step on stage. It makes it more real in a sense to envisage ‘the moment’ in my head – when all this hard work, dedication and preparation will finally come to fruition. I can’t help but wonder how I’ll feel on the day. Will the nerves get the better of me and make me forget my t-walk? Will I be able to fool the judges and the audience into believing I’m not nervous even if I’m shaking in my boots – or heels should I say? What if I make an ass of myself and slip over? All these questions play on my mind when posing but mentally I’m preparing myself for what lies ahead. I think this is the only way to overcome your fears – preparation is the key to success so if I imagine being in ‘the moment’ every time I put on my stage heels I can prepare for what I want to achieve.

‘You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction’ - George Lorimer